The Central Art Register KUBIKUM was established in 2010. In 2019, it underwent a comprehensive update, which, among other things, simplified registration and expedited search. The main goal of the register is to record artists from around the world, their work, and assist them in protecting their copyright.

In the KUBIKUM register, every artist can create their own profile to present themselves to the general public and register their artworks. Each artwork is recorded in the database with a unique code. This code allows for the clear identification of a specific artwork and its author.

The KUBIKUM register helps to protect authorship, primarily through detailed artwork registration that includes comprehensive photo documentation. Each artwork is timestamped in the database.
The timestamp of registration and subsequent publication of the artwork can assist in protecting copyright, both in everyday life and in legal disputes.

Therefore, the register offers KUBIKUM GALLERY. It is a platform for publishing works immediately after registration, for the time necessary to identify authorship in the event of copyright disputes. Publishing the work in the GALLERY can help prove the identity of the author and the work in the case of its subsequent misuse or imitation.

The KUBIKUM register has the ambition to unite artists from around the world into one community, where they can inspire each other and help each other in addressing various artistic as well as human issues.

Providing an original to every household is another goal of the KUBIKUM register. Every author who is legally eligible can sell or auction their registered works through the register.

So don't hesitate and come to register .

What we offer:

Artist’s code

A unique code with a country designation that clearly identifies you in the register.

Artwork’s code

Special code for unique identification of the original work anywhere in the register.


A space for archiving works that are still yours and are accessible to you anywhere.


Sell your work, simply and quickly.


Promotion of exhibitions of your work in the calendar.


Promote your work on social media to expand the circle of enthusiasts of your art.


The possibility to sell the work in online auctions and thus achieve their highest selling price.


Copyright certificate or confirmation of registration for each of your works.