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A unique code with a country designation that clearly identifies you in the register.

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Special code for unique identification of the original work anywhere in the register.


A space for archiving works that are still yours and are accessible to you anywhere.


Sell your work, simply and quickly.


Promotion of exhibitions of your work in the calendar.


Promote your work on social media to expand the circle of enthusiasts of your art.


The possibility to sell the work in online auctions and thus achieve their highest selling price.
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You don't always have to travel to find art. At KUBIKUM you will find many wonderful works by talented artists. All of them are unique, original, and express the personalities and inspirations of their authors. Our detailed search engine will allow you to find a 'piece' exactly to your taste. Whether you are buying art as an investment, to glamourize your interior or just to please the eye, you are in the right place. Register